I was recently chatting with a friend about how great this time is, between late February/March and late May. Typically, it’s starting to warm up so it’s not so painful leaving the house to socialize, but it’s not so warm that the calendar has booked up with park and beach days. And there are no real holidays that you feel committed to. Basically, you have both the time and desire to get out and enjoy whatever it is you like to enjoy.

It took years, but I finally made it to The Magician. Matt had an extra ticket and I reaped the benefits. I totally understand why this show is so beloved and a hit with all the celebs. It’s not the Vegas magic show you may be imagining. Dan White is a master illusionist and his comedic timing is both great and subtle. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend.

Over the weekend I attended my first co-ed baby shower. Not only was it co-ed, it was a turn-up. There was food constantly rolling out of the kitchen, an open bar, and a dj playing all the party anthems. I give Lisa such credit – if it was me, I would have said “if I can’t drink, none of y’all get to,” but she was committed to hosting a rager. It was way more fun that a traditional baby shower where you nurse a single glass of champagne and watch the mom-to-be open up burp cloths. The party was in the private basement space of Gelso and Grand in Little Italy so they had an Italian cookie bar with these adorable to-go boxes for favors.

Valentine’s Day is usually whatever to me…but I have to admit that I enjoy seeing everyone get into it in a low-stakes way. People commuting in red and pick outfits and toting bouquets. I don’t need or want anything super special on Valentine’s Day, but I like the excuse to get cutesy. This year, for instance, since the holiday fell on Taco Tuesday, I cut red tortillas in the shape of a heart. And I received some adorable cards and candy valentines. Truly, a more perfect card for me does not exist.