Laser Wolf

There are a few Philidelphia things that really need to make their way to NYC: real estate prices and Chef Michael Solomonov’s cooking. I don’t think I’m going to luck out when it comes to apartment costs, but thankfully Laser Wolf has opened up a location in Brooklyn so we can all rejoice. This restaurant will make you love Israeli food.

First of all, the location is impeccable. I don’t find myself in Brooklyn often, but the trek is worth it for the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline across the East River. If you’re smart, you’ll plan your meal around sunset because it’s really something special. Our waiter did a great job suggesting a wine for me and I could have just stared at the lights of NYC while sipping for hours. That would make for a lovely evening, but it’s even lovelier if you enjoy the the food here.

The meal is semi-prix fixe. You can order a la cart, but people rarely do. All the mains are grilled – meats, fish, veggies – so pick one or two to share and then revel in the char, smoke, and two other courses. The first choice is the salatim – this is what’s driving everyone to Laser Wolf. It’s hummus, extra fluffy pita, and a giant round plate with divots filled by little veggies (lutenitsa, Israeli pickles, babaganoush, Turkish celery root, mushrooms with chard and sour cherry, pineapple with celery, cabbage with fennel and schug, fennel and orange, beans with harissa, Yemenite pickles). I kept taking myself around the plate and couldn’t choose a favorite. For our entrée, we got the short rib and the whole trout. Both wonderful. With the salatim as the draw and the filling grilled kebabs next, many forget about the dessert course. It’s “just soft serve,” right? No. This brown sugar soft serve is topped with a tahini magic shell and a sour cherry compote. Ice cream is usually the last thing I go for on a dessert menu, but this was fabulous. The fries looked incredible, but for just the two of us, it was a bit too much food. Next time, I’ll plan to go with a few more people so I can order those as well.

Brooklyn from Harlem isn’t the easiest trip, but I’m already trying to figure out how I can return to this restaurant. For those who’ve seen the Philly episode of Somebody Feed Phil, you already know. Now it’s time for somebody to feed Tess…from here, specifically.