Hard Boiled Egg Tasting

This fall, I discovered @hipfoodiemom1 on TikTok. With plenty of experience in recipe creation for blogs and magazines, Alice Choi is now sharing recipes on social media and inspiring us all with her flavor combos. What initially hooked me was her hard boiled egg creations. If you love deviled eggs but want them in a pinch, this “hack” is for you. Basically, instead of scooping out the egg yolks and whipping them with mayo and other spices, you can simply cut them in half and then squirt mayo + any other toppings on top. You get a similar texture and same flavor profile as a deviled egg but in less time and with fewer dishes to clean. I took the concept and made my own for an easy weekday lunch and loved the results.

I made three different versions and that’s the beauty of this – you’re able to built multiple variations by simply dipping a spoon into a condiment jar and don’t have to worry about dirtying a ton of dishes. In all cases, I topped the eggs first with a dollop of kewpie mayo. Then on the first I added pickled bamboo shoots and furikake. On the second, I did pickle slices and buffalo sauce. And finally on the third I did pickled okra and everything bagel seasoning. Every single one was great, but if I had to rank them, I’d probably put pickled bamboo in the number one slot, followed by buffalo pickle, and then pickled okra. I’ve since made other versions using chili crisp + tinned fish and that was bangin too. You are truly limited only by your existing selection of condiments…and I LOVE condiments so I had a lot to work with. When I posted this on my Insta, I got several comments that people were weirded out, but this is one of those things that falls under the “trust me just try it” umbrella.