Nothing Really Matters

Who remembers when there was a shady themed restaurant called Mars 2112 on Broadway? It was right by my first office and my co-workers and I decided to go as a happy hour joke. It was nearing the end of it’s run and was just…depressing. Very fake boulders dotted a far-too-empty room and costumed aliens walked around to take our drink orders from metal tables. The restaurant is long gone and the area sat vacant for years until, recently, a speakeasy took over a portion of the space.

Now that it’s been around for a bit, they don’t try so hard to hide it, but if you know to look between the entrance and the turnstile in the downtown-bound 1 train station at 50th Street and Broadway, you’ll find Nothing Really Matters. There’s plenty of mirrors and neon red lighting that seems a bit concerning. Can they properly pour an $18 cocktail? The answer is yes. I can’t remember exactly what my drink was, but I believe there was tequila and fresh herbs…maybe some tea? They update the menu seasonally so your drink will feel nice and fresh. And if you’re looking for a snack, I found it hilarious that the extremely limited menu options were Utz chips and caviar. Cute.

What does matter here is that it’s now possible to score a true cocktail – and an inventive one at that – in this neighborhood. At this price tag it’s not the kind of place you want to spend all night, but it’s a great place to meet a friend or date for a quick drink before heading home or for grabbing a nice sipper before a Broadway show.