Crispy Pepperoni Chicken

First I tell you about pizza chicken; now I’m raving about pepperoni chicken. Both recipes come straight from the NYT so they clearly know how to make a marriage between pizza and poulet. While the first recipe was about the gooey cheesy part you love about pizza, this one focuses more on the crunch of the crust and the kick of the toppings.

Start by pounding boneless skinless chicken breasts so they’re thin and even in size – if you’re using biggies, just butterfly them. They should be about 1/2-in. thick. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and cook in canola oil until golden brown on one side (about 5 min) before flipping to finish cooking all the way through (2-5 more min). Turn off the heat, transfer the chicken to your serving platter, and drizzle 2 tbsp red wine vinegar over the chicken. HOT TIP: The recipe says you could use lemon instead of vinegar, but I think the vinegar gives it more of a pizza parlor flavor. It’s what sets this whole dish apart. Wipe the skillet out, return to medium heat, and cook the pepperoni (for 2 big breasts aka 4 cutlets, you’ll want about 2 oz. aka 1/2 c. pepperoni), stirring often, until it starts to brown and the pan looks oily (2-4 min). Add 1/2 c. panko and cook, stirring often, until browned and crisp (2-4 min). Just don’t let the pan dry out – you should see the pepperoni oil and hear a sizzle the whole time. Once browned and crispy, pour the mixture over the chicken.

Pepperoni crumbs are a pretty genius invention. Great over chicken and would be delish sprinkled over a salad. And you know I love a one-pan recipe.