Book Review: The Party

I hadn’t heard of The Party, but the packaging on this blind date with a book noted that it was for people who enjoyed The Gifted School and Big Little Lies. As a fan of both of those, I had a feeling I would enjoy this one, and I did. When Hannah turns 16, her parents allow her to throw a sleepover with four of her friends. Recently initiated into the “cool” group, Hannah is eager to impress her new friends and solidify her new, higher status on the social totem pole. The teens sneak in a bit of booze and one of the girls winds up in the hospital after falling through a coffee table.

There are some minor twists, but nothing overly dramatic – and I appreciated that. In the end, the event itself went down pretty much as you would expect. That’s because the focus here is on the impact of a party gone wrong. How true colors emerge. Who becomes protective and who becomes defensive. Who gives into temptation and who seeks revenge.

4 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Cheap champagne