She’s back, folks! Yesterday was my first post in nearly a month and I hate that. If I’m not posting on here, it means the wheels are coming off. Either work is insane or I’m sick or both. Similar to working out or reading new books, this little blog keeps me sane so if I’m not keeping up with it, I start to feel like I’m going crazy. But I’m trying to find my way back. Step one was taking a few days off work and simply relaxing. And mannnnn I fully checked out. It was a beautiful thing. We planned a long weekend in Hilton Head with friends and just hung by the beach and pool and drank all the drinks. It was quite the reminder that the world didn’t fall apart just because I wasn’t at work and that taking time off is very necessary.

I mentioned our HHI trip was with friends…and just friends. When we reached out to see if anyone wanted to join us, we told them it was an adults-only trip and kids needed to be left at home. If that meant they couldn’t join, no hard feelings. To our happy surprise, four other couples decided to make the trip from up North. For our part, it meant leaving Finn with my parents. We’ve each left him separately, but this was the first time he had no parent – and for three nights, no less! We arrived in Savannah Wednesday morning and spent a day and a half there to ease him into it. Apparently there was about an hour and a half before bedtime when he realized we were gone and got upset…after that, I’m told he could not have cared less. He was thriving with Mimi and Jefe and they did a fabulous job (no shock there – they did a pretty good job in the kid-raising department, obviously).

While in Hilton Head, we took our bikes to an old standby, Kenny B’s, for lunch. It had been so long since I’d been there and it was just as good as I remembered. I can’t say no to gator tail and she crab soup.

This will probably (definitely) be the last time we do a crazy early flight with a toddler, but the sunrise was nice.