Keys & Heels

While I’m not sure you can qualify Keys & Heels as a speakeasy since the line and doorman make it pretty obvious there’s a bar, this spot is somewhat hidden behind a fa├žade of a locksmith/shoe repair shop so it’s got a bit of a gimmick to it. Inside you’ll find disco balls, exposed brick, velvet, rattan, tropical wallpaper, and some tasty cocktails.

I can’t remember which drinks I tried…maybe the Pretty Little Psycho? Or the Midnight Maverick? Both drinks I tried were tasty and they have a nice set of garnishes along the bar. If choosing a drink based on the garnish is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I love that you can make a reservation – avoid lines! yay! I also like that it doesn’t feel scene-y (you’re in the UES, after all), which makes me think it has some staying power. This is not a downtown flash in the pan kinda spot. The Upper East has never been much of a mixology/lounge-y neighborhood and lost some of the bars that would fit that bill during the panny. It’s nice to have someplace in that area that feels upscale but not a restaurant-to-take-your-parents kind of upscale.