It may not technically be a short week, but people are already starting to slide into the long weekend. We don’t have anything particularly MDW-y planned but do have some fun things going on, like a Broadway show on Saturday night. Other than that, I’m hoping it has that first weekend of summer feeling…which basically means I want to grill out and drink in the courtyard in in the park.

I have been fully influenced by TikTok when it comes to the tinned fish phenomenon and convinced Albie to participate in a little tin fish date night where we tried two of the tins in the pantry, drank wine, and watched Mrs. Maisel. I made sure to have plenty other items he liked on the spread (on this plus a whole additional platter of meats and cheeses) since he’s not as into the whole tin fish thing as I am but was so happy he was down to try something new.

Grand Central is such a beaut. Even more beautiful is the fact that it’s still light out after work.

We took Finn to the park to run around in the large expanse of grass…but he was way more interested in playing with a stick in the dirt path instead. This held his attention longer than almost any activity we’ve thrown his way.