6 Years

Welp, I guess last year’s timeline persists because I am, once again, publishing an anniversary post dreadfully late. It’s been a busy year that – if I’m being honest – required much more adjustment than last year. With a new job (for me) and a growing child (who is far more difficult to wrangle than the infant we had during our 5th year of marriage) our 6th year was our most hectic yet, and I was very interested to see if we would still be on the same page for our annual blind questionnaire.

Check out last year’s anni post for a little reminder.

  1. What was your favorite date in your 6th year of marriage?
    • Albert: Date night with the Devers! Got to spend some time with friends and feel like it was one of our first real nights out….
    • Tess: We went to a Rangers game – our first since the Pandemic – and it was so much fun to be surrounded by such an amped crowd. Our first date was a Knicks game (also at MSG) so it’s always fun to be back in the Garden for date night. I loved that it wasn’t fancy and that we kept the party going at a bar afterwards (til it was time to relieve the babysitter).
  2. What restaurant gives you the most warm fuzzies relationship-wise?
    • Albert: Piccolo Angolo for all the birthdays, anniversaries, family visits and date nights that we’ve celebrated there!
    • Tess: Piccolo Angolo or Barney Greengrass
  3. What felt like new territory this year?
    • Albert: Raising V has certainly been new…and uncharted…territory for me!
    • Tess: Having to plan everything is a new twist to our relationship. If we both want to go out (separately or with friends) we have to make sure we have a babysitter lined up far enough in advance. It’s also become more apparent than ever that we each need to retain our pre-baby qualities and hobbies so we can be the best versions of ourselves for each other (and for Finn). That means communicating and planning how we can accommodate each others’ workout schedules or nights out with friends – and prioritizing nights out with each other.
  4. What was your favorite new experience as a couple in the last year?
    • Albert: Taking Finn to the American Museum of Natural History and celebrating his 1st Birthday with Friends and Family.
    • Tess: For me, it’s a tie between two seemingly polar opposite things: taking Finn to music class as a fam and then watching him run around Central Park (his joy = my joy)…and leaving him for three nights so we could have our first long weekend away with friends (because I loved seeing him adapt to my parents and it was good for everyone to have some time away).
  5. What are you most looking forward to in Year 7?
    • Albert: Continuing to watch Finn grow into a little man and expanding our Date Night selections!
    • Tess: Brew at the Zoo!