3 on Thursday

I’m still feeling unsettled by the bombings in Boston.  I can’t make heads or tails of such an attack so I’ve stopped trying and instead have just been thankful that all my loved ones are safe and sound.

Now that it’s spring, Smorgasburg is back – this time with a brand new location.  While the food fair used to just be on Saturdays in Williamsburg, it’s now also on Sundays in Dumbo.  This means you can get there by walking the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.  We took the ferry back for different but equally impressive views of the city.
After years of saying I wanted to go, I finally saw The Dan Band live.  I wish people rocked out a little more, but it was still great to see them do their hilarious, f-bomb infused brand of comedy.
I can’t really afford to go to a steakhouse on the reg so I decided to have steak night at home more often.  Even if it’s not filet mignon, a cheap cut of steak cooked on the grill will satisfy my craving.  Serving it alongside typical steakhouse sides like homemade creamed spinach and rich mac and cheese makes me feel like a big deal Wall Street Banker.  It’s important to make yourself feel like you live in the lap of luxury…even when you actually live in a tiny 450 square foot apartment.  Sorry for the less than gorgeous pic – trust that it still tasted delicious.