National Mechanics

For my last Philly foodie post, I want to focus on a great brunch find.  If you are one of those people who judges a brunch spot by their bloodies, you will love National Mechanics thanks to their bloody mary bar.  You pick the type of vodka (I went with bacon vodka) and the rim (I chose Old Bay) and then you take your glass up to the bar where you can add their homemade mix, any number of their hot sauces (I lost count at around 30), olives, capers, celery, horseradish, and Slim Jims.  I am pretty sure I crafted the perfect bloody.

For my meal I ordered the veggie skillet.  I was concerned that my cast iron pan would not have ample cheese, but there it was.  The perfect amount of oaxaca cheese covered the mound of potatoes, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, and poached eggs.  It was all good and stretchy, pulling against the weight of my fork as I shoveled bite after bite into my mouth.

As the name would suggest, there are some savvy mechanics behind the decor who have designed lighting fixtures and faucets out of old pipes, wire, and exposed bulbs.  The real decor, however, is found simply in the building itself, which was constructed over 150 years ago and previously housed a bank.