Zoodles with Pesto and Meatballs

Have you heard about zoodles?  They’re alllll the rage on Pinterest; right up there with paleo this and DIY that.  Zoodles = zucchini noodles.  There is no actual noodles in zoodles, making this innately carb-free and healthy.  They are super easy to make: just use the julienne setting on your mandolin.  If you haven’t bought a mandolin by now, get on it!  I’ve told you time and again how great it is for making potato chips and slicing radishes.  Mine cost me a whopping $13 at Bed Bath and Beyond so there’s no excuse not to own one.

When the zucchini is sliced like that it doesn’t take long to cook, especially if you like your zoodles al dente.  That means this whole dish will only take as long to prepare as it takes the meatballs to cook.  I made my meatballs by getting one pre-formed burger from the meat counter and rolling it into 8 small balls.  If you like big balls (and who doesn’t wink wink), you can split the burger into quarters, but the small ones will cook quicker.  Because the burger was already prepped, you have built-in portion control.  Once the meatballs are almost done cooking, throw your zoodles in the pan and cook with some pesto sauce.  Takes no time to cook, tastes delicious, and healthily satisfies your pasta craving…are you convinced you need to try zoodles yet?