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Zoodles with Chicken, Roasted Corn, and Pesto

I’ve written about zoodles with pesto before (here and here) but I’m about to do it again because I think this might be my best pesto zoodles recipe yet.

Start by cooking up boneless skinless chicken breast (I cut mine in cubes) in olive oil, salt, and lemon pepper. When it’s almost completely cooked through, add frozen corn (I love the roasted variety) to warm through. Stir in prepared pesto (I used Trader Joe’s vegan kale and cashew pesto but any kind works) and now your topping/sauce is done so set aside. Now just cook up some zoodles in a saucepan. Top with parm and you’re done!

This dish is packed with veggies and protein and comes together in one pan. That’s everything I need to know when it comes to making a weeknight supper. Zucchini and corn may seem like summer veggies, but it’s served warm and feels like pasta which makes it inherently fall appropriate…but don’t let me stop you from making this in the summer too. I’m betting you’ll want to cook it all year long.

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