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Snickity Snack: Fish in a Stream

Food Network Magazine had a mini “Family and Kids” mag in the back of a recent issue.  In this section, they reinvented ants on a log, the classic after school snack of celery sticks filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins.  I’m pretty sure this article was all about sneaking veggies into your kid’s diet but since I’m basically a kid myself, I thought it was great.  Also, raisins are not my fave so I was happy to see this fun and healthy snack re-vamped with flavors I enjoy.

For book club, I prepared the “fish in a stream” version, which consisted of celery sticks filled with hummus and topped with pretzel goldfish.  They were devoured in minutes.  It makes sense: you dip pretzels in hummus and you dip celery in hummus.  Just because you rarely see the three ingredients partying together doesn’t mean they can’t all get along.

fish in a stream

2 thoughts on “Snickity Snack: Fish in a Stream

  1. Hummus is my favourite condiment (if it even counts as a condiment)… and this is amazing. I had to give it a try right away. I didn’t have any pretzel goldfish on hand, but I used pretzels just to test… now I can’t wait to bring it to my next potluck.


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