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Gobble Gobble 2014: BLT Dip

Just as in the past (here, here, here, here, and here), my job at Thanksgiving is to prepare the appetizers.  This year – more than in the past – ease was a top priority.  We had to work around the schedule of a brand new baby and you can’t really ask to change naptime because you’re waiting for something to finish in the oven or cleaning up a million ingredients.  Still, my tradition is to always try one new recipe and then have one as a backup.

For the backup I made pimento cheese sandwiches because I can basically make that in my sleep.  Then for the new app, I made BLT Dip (#16 on this list of 50 bacon appetizers) and found it to be ridiculously simple.  It really did taste like a BLT in dip form.  We added some red bell pepper to the plate for color but I would recommend ditching it.  It doesn’t pick up the dip and, really, the lettuce is the “L” in the BLT so it kinda needs to be there.  Romain hearts, on the other hand, have that sturdy core so they scoop up the dip well.

blt dip

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