Just like everyone else, this is the time of year when I find myself taking stock of what I am thankful for.  Ya know what?  There is a TON of great stuff in my life.

  • Cabs and subways are amazing.  I love that I never worry about drinking and driving.


  • My family is in a comfortable enough position that we can afford the flights between Georgia and New York.  If I wasn’t able to see them as often as I do, I don’t think I would be able to live so far away; and that would be a shame because I love my life in NYC.


  • I have enough flexibility that I can devote time to things that make me happy, like this website.
  • Not everyone has family that they love, with a relationship more like that of best friends.  I’ve got that.  I’m automatically and aunt to my new nephew, but I’m lucky that my brother and sister in law chose me over all their friends to be their son’s godmother.
Brooks loves to give the Blue Steel face
  • I have really grown to love my neighborhood.  There is a great coffee shop across the street where I can write, bars and restaurants that make me proud to be a local, and it’s conveniently located so I have the freedom to explore the city and easily meet up with friends.
  • I am extremely thankful to not be lactose intolerant.  I would venture to say cheese is my one true love.