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People have been buzzing about Corkbuzz for a while and though I thought it sounded like a good spot, I wasn’t rushing to get there since I already have some pretty solid wine bars on rotation.  But then watched a documentary about Master Sommeliers and learned it’s nearly impossible to become one and extremely rare for women.  After watching a movie like that, my Googling goes into overdrive and I started looking up all the Master Somms in NYC.  I mentioned in passing that one of the few lady Master Sommeliers happened to be at Corkbuzz so we should check it out since that’s actually an accessible restaurant for people like me.  (Poor people.)

How nice to have a boyfriend who listens!  I didn’t even remember making my little Corkbuzz comment, but Albert did and planned a date night for us.  Next time, we’ll have to make it there just a bit earlier to take advantage of their Blind Tasting Happy Hour (3 wines for $15).  After watching everyone have fun filling out their flavor profile grids, it’s on my list for the future.  We may not have gotten any deals, but the wine was fabulous – the bartender knew exactly what to pour me, even when I didn’t know myself.  There are plenty of places where you can grab a good glass of wine, but these folks really know their stuff so I think Corkbuzz is best for those times when you want to expand your knowledge of the mighty grape through a class or simply learn something knew from a bartender.

Of course, it’s not a wine night without wine snacks so we munched on olives, a charcuterie plate with pickled veggies, and two cheeses.  The ricotta was out of this world.

corkbuzz1 corkbuzz2

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