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$16 for a beer seems excessive…but when that beer is actually the size of three beers, it’s a pretty good deal.  That’s the case at Bierhaus, a German brew house in Midtown.  If you’re looking for variety, this is not the place for it.  The menu at this indoor beer garden consists of four types of German beer and not much more.  If you’re a simple fella, this is the place for you.

I feel like that last phrase came out with a bit of condescention and I didn’t mean it that way.  Sometimes you (and me, too) just want to keep things simple, and this is the perfect place to do that.  Just don’t bring anyone here who isn’t a beer drinker.  They’ll be miz.  But if you don’t want to plan your whole evening around someone who’s acting all picky, just tell them to do some pre-gaming and come anyway to enjoy the live music.

When you’re ready to turn things up, your crew can do a shotski.  One whiff of the Jager-type liquor and I decided to pass…but then I had a lil FOMO because shotskis just look like such a fun group activity.


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