Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Dip

You probably know how to make chicken fingers.  Just buy the chicken already cut into tenders and coat them: flour, egg, panko.  Note: I like some cayenne mixed in my panko.  Then just fry or bake.  I’m trying to be healthy, so I went with baking.

The story here is not the chicken, it’s the honey mustard.  I usually make this sauce by mixing just honey and dijon mustard because I like simple and it doesn’t get any simpler than that.  The name of the sauce is the recipe.  I’m not sure how you can mess that up.  That honey mustard will suit you just fine.  It’s worked for me for years.  But if you just add some Greek yogurt, you end up with a creamier, more delicious, just as healthy version of honey mustard.  It’s time for you to step up your honey mustard game.

chicken fingers1 chicken fingers2