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Book Review: Le Divorce

I came of age in France so I am drawn to a coming of age novel set in the country.  Isabel is an American from California that I would categorize as flighty.  She has dropped out of film school and has moved to France to help her pregnant sister, Roxy, prepare for the arrival of her new addition.  She seems to have no real ambition and keeps a series of odd jobs more to fill her day than out of any sense of passion.  Her most promising prospect is as a mistress to a prominent political figure…who happens to be her sister’s uncle by marriage.  She is a little bratty and certainly not the most sensible.

Isabel’s affair with a married man is not the only infidelity occurring.  Immediately after arriving in France, Isabel learns that Roxy’s husband, Charles-Henri, is leaving her for another woman.  The whole family is trying to be polite and very French about the whole situation.  Throw into the mix a custody battle over a cherished painting and you have a lot of drama that people are pretending to be undramatic about.

The plot seems to have a lot of flair, but the most climactic moments fall flat.  Oh, there was a major crime? No biggie. Also, it’s a little tough to root for Isabel. She is bratty and self involved and it is because of her that the ending leaves something to be desired.


2 out of 5 stars.

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