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The Clam Bar

I’m gonna say it: I am obsessed with The Hamptons.  Ugh how bougie of me.  But the area is just too cute for me to function and Montauk, in particular, is relaxed and beautiful.  It is the perfect area to enjoy the food of the season: lobster rolls.  Lucky for us there were two seafood shacks right across from my hotel.  I was going to make the most of it by trying both and comparing.  This blog is all about research, friends.

After trying both, I’ve got to declare The Clam Bar the winner.  The lobster roll may be pricey ($21) and doesn’t come with fries or chips, but it had sizeable chunks of lobster, a good mayo to meat ratio, and a nice sweet brioche bun.  There was tons of other great seafood dishes going on at this place, like fried oysters and corn and crab soup.  My only regret was not trying the softshell crab sandwich.  Though really, I’m just saving that as an excuse to revisit this adorable town.

image image image

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