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Playa Provisions

Since our Saturday and Sunday evenings were already scheduled with wedding events, Friday night was all about hanging out with Greg and Susan – it’s so rare that I’m in Cali (rare = never) that we needed to take advantage.  They were spending the weekend moving from their Marina del Rey home into a new place near Santa Monica, but before moving we took the opportunity to show their soon to be old hood some love.

They took us to Playa Provisions, a restaurant they love that I’m sure they’ll still visit even after they move slightly north.  The restaurant has a unique set up and is compartmentalized into about four spaces.  There are two dining areas, one indoors and one in a patio space (we were in the patio area, which had blankets and a firepit in case it got chilly).  Then there is a whiskey bar called Grain off to the back.  Finally, the open lobby area includes an ice cream/dessert/coffee bar.

Greg and Susan suggested few of their favorite items to start, like the spaghetti squash hush puppies and poutine.  I’m no Canadian, but I think our neighbors up north should visit this restaurant for an idea of how their dish is done, made with duck confit and duck gravy.  I tasted a bit of everybody’s, from the crab mac and cheese to the crab roll, but I was also very happy with my brussels sprouts caesar salad (a nice twist on a classic) and tostones with garlic aioli that are perfect for sharing around the table.

With all the different spaces in this place, it’s perfect for families.  Gather round the firepit and feel like you’re on a beachside campfire.  Sing kumbaya if you feel like it.  Give the kids some ice cream or a homemade snoball for dessert, while the grownups top off the meal with warm chocolate chunk cookies and bourbon milk.  There really is something for everyone here.

playa provisions5 playa provisions4 playa provisions3 playa provisions2

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