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Diviera Drive

It’s not often that I’m in Brooklyn.  I’ve got nothing against it; in fact, I really like the area, but most of my activities/friends happen to be in Manhattan.  That’s why, when my beau and I found ourselves in Williamsburg for an event at Brooklyn Brewery, we took the rare opportunity to explore the neighborhood.  When we saw the garden area at Diviera Drive, it looked like pure California summer and knew that was where we needed to stop.

diviera drive1diviera drive2diviera drive9

Diviera Drive reminded me of Playa Provisions, a place we ate at in LA, in that it was set up as several distinct spaces.  There’s a coffee and take out space doling out imported mozzarella; there’s the garden dining area, complete with a boat; and then there’s a liquor bar section.  With several spaces under one roof, it felt like a destination.

diviera drive7

We started with burrata and though it was a liiittle heavy on the olive oil, the small cubes of egglplant and sweet balsamic reduction were nice additions.  Next, we split the lobster salad, which was certainly a meal highlight for me.  Yes, it’s a $27 salad, but there was so much lobster on there that I was not even close to disappointed.  I think this may have been my first taste of lobster of the summer so now it finally feels like the season has arrived.  The salad was simple with a very light and bright lemon vinaigrette, and radiccio – basically nothing to distract you from that glorious lobster.  We also split the cubano italiano sandwich, which was served on focaccia and made with parmacotto and asiago instead of ham and swiss.  While all the ingredients were great (the roast pork, especially), the restaurant made one misstep: the ingredients had clearly been sitting in the refrigerator when it came time to build our sandwich and even after being pressed til the bread got toasted, the meat and cheese remained slightly chilled.  You could tell it would have been a great sandwich; it was just tough to get past the temperature issue.

diviera drive3diviera drive6

I choose to blame the sandwich issue on the fact that we were eating at a weird time.  It was 4:30 on a Sunday – past lunch/brunch, too early for supper.  They probably just weren’t ready for us.  It was a fun atmosphere that got me in a beachy mood without the beach.  That’s certainly not a mood I dislike so I would definitely hit it up again.

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