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The Winslow

Beth waited til we got to The Winslow to tell me it was a gin bar.  She knows I’m all about the whiskey/bourbon.  Ever heard that Toby Keith song “Whiskey Girl”?  That was written about me.  Seriously.  Well, not actually, but it may as well have been.  The Winslow has a fully stocked bar, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the drink menu, which is entirely gin.  I’m not a gin girl, but I’m really not a gin and tonic girl.  It’s a shame, because they have a huge list of gins paired with different infused tonics (made with ingredients like bee pollen, juniper, and rose petals).  If G&T is your go-to drink, you should definitely take advantage of their selection.

Since I wasn’t feeling anything with “tonic” in the name, I ordered one of the other cocktails on the menu.  Yes, I could have gotten a whiskey, but…when in Rome.  The Jessica Rabit was made with lavendar and was delicious.  Do I like gin now?!  If all gin drinks tasted like this, I could get used to it, especially in the summer.

Just like the gin-packed drink menu, the food menu was pretty British ($5 to anyone who can tell me what bubble and squeak is).  I ordered a burrata and beet salad that had tons of those very ingredients.  So often they say that’s what’s in the salad but the ingredients end up being a glorified garnish – pet peeve alert!  The dressing was light, which I liked becuase the cheese and beets didn’t need much.  Everybody ended up ordering the mac and cheese.  It was rich and gooey.  Nothing to scoff at.

winslow1 winslow2 winslow3 winslow4

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