3 on Thursday

I’ve had more after-work activities this week than I’ve had planned for a while.  It’s been nice having fun things on the calendar, but I’m looking forward to the play-it-by-ear weekend I have planned.

3 on thurs1

A couple weeks ago, I did a beer pairing at American Whiskey, the UGA bar.  It was fun – if not aggressive – for a Tuesday night, and I liked discovering new beers.

3 on thurs2

Kathleen came over for some vino on a recent Friday.  Originally I thought maybe we would hit up the bars…but we ended up not leaving the couch where we gossiped and watched the pilot of SATC.  And, yes, there are ice cubes in our white wine.  Because we’re classy like that.

3 on thurs3

Albert wanted to take his parents to brunch to celebrate their birthdays.  We went to the Seaport for an all-you-can-eat brunch at Ulysses so they could see an area they weren’t familiar with.  It was fun for us too since we’re not in that area too often, either.  As someone who grew up literally on the river, it made my soul happy to have the salty breeze in my hair.  I was happy to be dressed in a very summer-y outfit for the occasion.