Irish Exit

In the Turtle Bay/Sutton Place area, the bars tend to look the same.  It’s Irish pubs/sports bars for days.  Naturally, a bar called Irish Exit fits in well.  What is surprising about this bar are the crazy specials they have every single night.  If you’re looking for something fun to do on a Tuesday, for instance, look no further than their stand up comedy show.  For $20, you can also enjoy an open bar while you get your chuckles.  And just in case you think that’s an off night for a special like that (not everyone wants to get wild on a Tuesday, after all) they offer deals every night, including $30 open bar all night on Saturday.

Another surprise was the food.  I did not expect to love the loaded fries so much.  I’ve always been a loyal fan of cheese fries, but the Guinness gravy that came with these might have made them my favorite.

irish exit4 irish exit1

irish exit2

irish exit3

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