Amali Mou

My beau and I have started to make a dent in the UrbanSpace Vanderbilt vendors and are establishing our favorite go-tos.  The latest vendor we tried, Amali Mou, definitely made my return list.  The Mediterranean spot has platters, gyros, yogurt, and a much larger selection of [Greek] wines than you would have imagined for a food stall.

Surprisingly, there was no lamb gyro, but I found the pork version to be very nicely spiced.  I was very impressed to see they put fries in the gyro – it’s something they do in Greece/Israel, but I’ve never found here in the US.  It sounds strange, but it really makes the sandwich.  It was not as massive as a gyro you’d buy from a street meat vendor, but it’s sized to satisfy.  And if you wanted to try food from one of the 20 other vendors in the food hall (and you should want to), you’ll be able to find a liiiittle extra room in your belly.  Bonus points for cute butcher paper wrapping.

amali mou1 amali mou2 amali mou3