Bits & Bites / Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour

“Sweet & Sour” is my version of that dinner table game where every guest says what the best and worst parts of the day were.  As we head into the weekend, I think it’s important to get the bad stuff off your chest and remember the positives as a silver lining and energizing factor. When the weekend hits, I like to release the “sour” and embrace the “sweet.”

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Sweet: I actually ate exactly as much food as I bought this week.  Sounds like a silly thing to be proud of, but sometimes I accept a last minute invitation somewhere and end up wasting food and money.

Sour: Today is my last day at my job.  I can’t exactly call this a “sour” because I am SO excited about my new job, but it’s a little sad to realize I won’t at Mediavest anymore.  This is my first job out of college so it has been a major part of my life for the last 8.5 years.  My new job is a little different so I am all sorts or anxious, but can’t wait to dive into this new chapter.

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