Salmon with Dill Dijon Sauce

My beau is not in love with fish, so when I make it, I try to do something to give it a little extra pizzazz.  This time, I mixed up a quick dill dijon sauce.  Basically, just mix two parts mayo to one part dijon mustard.  Add a squeeze of lemon and handful of fresh dill, to taste.  I actually used stone ground mustard instead of dijon because it’s what I had lying around and it still works – it’s just a bit stronger.

Even I think salmon can get a little boring.  I always make it the same way: with lemon and dill.  This may be basically the same flavors, but the dip adds another texture and a mellow note to the flavor profile.  It also worked well as a dip for the brussels sprouts I served on the side.  Also, since this dip takes approximately 1.5 minutes to throw together, you can create something just a teeny bit special in a teeny amount of time – perfect for a hectic work week.

dijon dill sauce2

dijon dill sauce3