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Sons of Thunder

I am a little miffed that half the menu at Sons of Thunder is not yet available.  I don’t think they should have opened if they weren’t ready to be full service.  The Burgers, Chicken, and Fries sections of the menu are all listed as “coming soon.”  But I can’t let that taint my thoughts on the items they do currently have available…because those are ridiculously good.

Sons of Thunder aims to bring West Coast food sensibilities, where I guess it’s normal to have an all-American hot dog right next to Hawaiian poke, to NYC.  I’m not mad at it.  Interestingly, they are pretty much across the street from Shake Shack with a similar logo and to-go carrier.  It will be hard to compete with The Shack’s burgers and shakes, but this place has an edge with the poke.  It’s hard to find reliable raw fish at a quick service place.  Which brings me to the first big question: are we talking about quality fish here?

I wanted to order a half and half poke bowl with tuna and octopus, but they ran out of octopus so I got all ahi and added avocado and edamame with spicy sauce on the side.  I was pleasantly surprised, first by seeing the portion size, and then by tasting the freshness.  For less than $13 (including the extra avocado and edamame) you get a huge cup of yumminess – you couldn’t spend that at any sushi place and get this much food. Plus, the only other time I think of raw fish to go is the sushi counter at Duane Reade.  No thank you.  

I also ordered a banh mi dog.  I’m not sure why, considering I don’t really like hot dogs, but it looked interesting and for $4.50 I thought “what they hey!” Another pleasant surprise!  The cilantro, mayo, and pickled salad was a totally new taste for the hot dog department. It was also pretty big, for a hot dog. I [wrongly] assumed the poke would be a tiny cup so I thought I’d need more food.  Now I had two food items that were bigger than I thought they’d be. I ate all of it, of course. 

Once they expand the menu to encompass their full vision, Sons of Thunder will become an instant Midtown lunch destination.  But honestly, it already should be. 


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