The PokeSpot

I have FULLY bought into the current poke craze.  I love that you can basically get sushi at a fraction of the price.  As long as the quality remains high, I’m never giving up on this trend.  I am pretty loyal to my local spot, Sons of Thunder.  First, it’s literally around the corner from my apartment.  It’s so close, I’m the poké postman, and I can’t be stopped by rain, sleet, or snow.  I also think they serve up a stellar poké bowl, which huge chunks of fish and love.

BUT.  I have two problems with Sons of Thunder.  First, they’re closed on Sunday so I can’t always get my poké fix.  Second, my beau is not into large hunks of raw fish (it weirds him out) so unless he’s craving a hot dog, he doesn’t really like to order from there.  The PokéSpot, which just opened last week at Union Square, solves both of those problems.  Since you have the option of getting your bowl topped with cooked shrimp or chicken, even non sushi fans will find something to eat here.  It’s also open on Sundays, so I took advantage after my workout at the Crunch directly across the street and got myself a bowl this weekend.

poke spot2

Unlike my fiancé, I’m totally cool with raw fish so I ordered a bowl made with tuna.  I also ordered snow crab because I thought that was a fabulous option.  And that’s the best part about The PokéSpot, the options.  Unlike other, similar restaurants, this one is not set up with pre-designed bowls.  It’s done Chipotle style.  Pick your base, then your protein, then as many toppings as you want.  That’s kind of amazing.  I went with a base of brown rice (though I love that they have zoodles as an option) and in addition to my tuna and crab, I got cucumber, edamame, cilantro, seaweed salad, scallions, masago, rice puffs, black sesame seeds, sriracha aioli (not too spicy), and shoyu sauce.  I also added avocado, which was a liiiittle skimpy for the extra $1.50 but not enough to really complain).  I was loving all the topping options.  It was pretty bomb and under $16.  I was as happy as the little otter in their logo.  I definitely enjoyed it enough to go again.  I can’t bring myself to fully cheat on Sons, but it’s nice to have a go-to Sunday spot.

poke spot3