Living Healthy: PlanetBox Lunchboxes

Health problems present themselves even when you’re skinny so it’s important to take care of your body.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain your current size, this section of the site is all about living healthy.

One thing I really wanted to establish when I started my new job was a routine; and part of that routine is bringing my own lunch from home.  The reason is twofold:

  1. It is so expensive to buy lunch every day, especially near my office.  My first day, I spent nearly $13 on a salad.  A SALAD.  Even an average lunch will cost you $8.50.  By bringing from home, I can cut my lunch costs by 50%-75%.
  2. I can guarantee the lunch I prepare for myself will be healthier than anything I would buy.  Even if I bought a healthy salad or sandwich, the portion size is usually gargantuan – way more than I’d ever need.  I would end up a) throwing it out (wasteful!) or b) eating the whole thing simply because it’s there.  Plus, let’s face it, if given the opportunity to buy something like a grilled cheese for lunch, I’ll probably go with that unhealthy [and oversized] option.

My solution: a lunchbox.

I did some research and all the reviews I found pointed me in the direction of PlanetBox.  Sure, this lunchbox was meant to guide healthy meal planning for kids’ school lunches, but I find it just as practical for my grown-up office meals.  First of all, it’s got a sleek stainless steel design, customizable with magnets.  That means it looks good and is both durable (dishwasher safe, warrantied for five years) and food stain/odor resistant (unlike plastic).  Also, it’s compartmentalized, in the bento box style, which incentivizes me to pack it.  It’s got these cute little sections that are chirping “pack me! fill me with yummy food!”  finally, those compartments make for very healthy eating.  The spaces themselves are portioned out so you don’t overpack.  Also, seeing an empty slot is like a reminder that you forgot to pack something (usually the veggies, in my case).  I never wanted to pack three little ziplock bags when I used to bring my lunch to work so I would end up just taking one massive sandwich and maybe a bag of chips.  Not so healthy.  When I’m only filling one lunchbox, it’s easier to add a bunch of little items.

There are three lunchbox options: Shuttle (for little kids/snacking), Rover (with 5+ compartments, for grazing), and Launch (3 compartments, holds the most food, for people who like a 3-course meal).  Originally, I thought the Launch would be best because I figured my appetite is larger than the average school child.  However, after looking at examples online, I realized it fits almost too much food for me, eliminating the whole portion control factor.  That one is for the big manly men.  You’d be surprised how much you can fit into the seemingly small compartments of the Rover – it’s definitely plenty.  Also, I can further section it off by using the dipper (for holding sauces) or cupcake liners.

I’ve been using my PlanetBox for a few weeks now and am loving it!  I’m enjoying getting creative as I pack my lunch and knowing I have to pack it has made me further establish a routine (i.e.: cutting up lots of veggies on Sunday night so packing my lunchbox is quick and easy).  Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to PlanetBox.  I am amazed at the innovative ways moms have been packing their kids lunches – just search #planetbox on Instagram to get an idea.  I saw jack-o-lantern sandwiches, cucumber flowers, and teddy grahams floating in a yogurt pool with gummy inner-tubes.  Scrolling through the images of that hashtag is also a great way to get inspired for what type of food to pack.  I don’t know why, but I had never thought to pack kiwi before.  If you cut it in half, you can use its skin as a bowl and scoop out the flesh with a spoon.  Now, all of a sudden, I’m eating fruit at lunch.  Only took me 30 years.

Warning: a PlanetBox will cost more than you ever imagined spending on a lunchbox.  With tax and shipping, mine came to $55.97.  But don’t worry, you’ll more than make up for that with the money you’re saving by not eating out every day.  And there’s that whole peace of mind thing since you’re finally being healthy at lunch.

How did I pack my adorable PlanetBox?  Check it out:

The above is just a sample, but I’ve been posting all my Planetbox lunches on the super special Instagram account I created for this blog, if you’re interested.  What?  Who? Where?  Yes, in addition to following @tessypie, you can follow @peaches_to_apples.  My @tessypie account is a bit more of my personal life, while @peaches_to_apples is all things blog (which means mostly food).

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