Chote Nawab

My beau had a guys night last night so that meant I had the apartment to myself – free to watch Downton Abbey and order Indian food – yippee!  I wanted to try a new place from my “Curry Hill” neighborhood so I went with Chote Nawab because it had some solid Seamless reviews.

I tend to order butter chicken because it’s my favorite and I can use it as a benchmark.  if you screw up my butter chicken, you’re dead to me.  At Chote Nawab, the butter chicken was very good, but not quite as good as that of my current favorite, Dhaba.  At Chote Nawab, there was less/smaller pieces of chicken and it was a bit sweeter.  I don’t want my mouth to be on fire, but I prefer a slight kick, especially if it means I can cool it off with some raita.  The raita I ordered was, therefore, unnecessary, but the flavor was good.  All the sauces, both the butter chicken and the raita were a little thin as well.  What I did love was the paneer naan.  It was naan bread filled with shredded paneer cheese – perfect for sopping up the sauce.

Overall, I am not at all disappointed with Chote Nawab, but I will stick to Dhaba for my Indian fix.  I love that there’s such a thriving Indian restaurant scene in my neighborhood.  I feel like we should organize some sort of curry crawl.