3 on Thursday

I am loving this short week!  I do not have much to report from the long weekend.  Friday and Saturday were fun, but once I got home around midnight on Saturday night, I didn’t leave the apartment until it was time for work on Tuesday.  I admit, I loved hanging around in my comfy clothes, reading and catching up on tv.  With an engagement party and a baby shower, this weekend will be more action-packed, but I’m looking forward to it.

3 on thurs1

I know it’s lame, but i absolutely loved spending President’s Day holed up in my apartment.  Albert had to work for most of the day and since I was in the Netflix zone, I had no idea what was going on in the outside world.  Around lunchtime I realized it was snowing pretty good so I opened up the blinds and spent several hours watching the snow fall through my bedroom window while reading a great book.

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I mentioned before that I had never seen Albert cook anything, but he surpassed my expectations by cooking me a fabulous Valentines Day meal.  Now that I know what he can do in the kitchen, he’s locked into this V-Day tradition for good!

3 on thurs3

Albert loves two things: How I Met Your Mother and Benihana.  In one episode of HIMYM, the group goes to a Benihana-type restaurant and makes a bet that results in Barney wearing a ducky tie for a full year.  For his birthday, I gave Albert chopsticks and a ducky tie before letting him know that he would be training as a chef at Benihana before performing for eight of his close friends.  He rocked it!  He did the onion volcano and got the shrimp in the hat.  I loved watching him!