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Sweet & Sour

“Sweet & Sour” is my version of that dinner table game where every guest says what the best and worst parts of the day were. As we head into the weekend, I think it’s important to get the bad stuff off your chest and remember the positives as a silver lining and energizing factor. When the weekend hits, I like to release the “sour” and embrace the “sweet.”


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Sweet: Over the weekend I got to hang out with one of my closest friends who I don’t see as much.  Our lifestyles are pretty different (Albert and I tend to go out a lot while she and her fiancé prefer more low key weekends), which means we don’t sync up very often.  But on Saturday, we got to spend nearly 10 hours together drinking tons of wine and laughing.  We talk nearly every day, but there’s something different about hanging out in person.

Sour: Every time we try to discuss hotel blocks for the wedding, it turns into an argument.  I’m just ready for that part of the wedding planning process to be done with!

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