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White Bean, Radicchio, and Blue Cheese Salad

I was scrolling through Instagram while standing in line at Trader Joe’s and was so interested in this salad I saw on there that I picked up the ingredients that very moment.  There were so few ingredients to grab that it didn’t even disrupt my grocery shop.

Considering there’s not even a real dressing to make, it takes NO TIME to throw together.  Simply shred some radicchio and mix with blue cheese, white beans, a squirt of fresh lemon, olive oil, and parsley.  Done and done.

I love how the soft white beans contrast the sturdy radicchio and the blue cheese is really able to stand up to its burly flavor.  And I love how it looks.  The purple, green, and pops of white – gorgeous!

Confession: The store was out of radicchio so I used purple cabbage.  Still delish.

Alternate Serving Suggestion: Use endive instead of radicchio.  It’s a little more mild and chops up easier.  OR use the leaves as cups that you stuff with the white beans and blue cheese.

radicchio white bean salad

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