Loc’s Chicken and Waffles

If you live near Sandfly and are looking for a legit breakfast, Loc’s is where it’s at.  Honestly, I would eat there even if it wasn’t in my own neighborhood because I would say it might be the best diner in Savannah.

Obviously, you could get the waffles and my 20-month-old nephew, Brooks, will certainly vouch for them.  He went to town.  I tried a bite of my brother’s sausage egg and cheese biscuit and can safely say that’s a great option.  The biscuit was light and fluffy.  But I decided to go with the breakfast wrap, which was basically hashbrowns that were made with onions, scrambled eggs, cheese, and choice of meat (I went bacon, natch) all rolled up in a tortilla with salsa on the side.  It was fabulous.  Maybe it’s because the Northeast doesn’t really make hashbrowns (their version is more like smashed chunks of potatoes – no bueno), but I thought the hashbrowns at Loc’s were particularly good.