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PSA: GlamSquad

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

I’m usually all about doing my own hair and makeup.  However, when the stakes are high, it’s nice to put yourself in the capable hands of a professional.  When I’m a bridesmaid, for instance, and there are some up close and personal photographs being taken, it’s nice to have a pro make sure my complexion is looking good.

Albert and I took our engagement photos over the weekend and I wasn’t sure I could trust myself to do my own hair and makeup.  We were getting an early start and no store would be open on a Sunday prior to 9 or 10 AM.  With a 9:30 AM start time, that just wouldn’t cut it.

Thankfully, I was able to call GlamSquad.  GlamSquad basically sends a hair or beauty professional (or a team of them if you’re getting multiple services) to your home.  By the time I booked, there were no hair appointments left, but I’m comfortable enough doing my own hair so I didn’t mind.  I did need help painting my face and was thankful there were 8 am appointments left.

When Priscilla arrived to do my makeup, she set up quickly at my dining table, and I was able to sit around in my slippers while she made me beautiful.  She worked fast and did a great job.  I talked her through the look I was going for, basing it off one of the pre-set GlamSquad looks, tweaking it a bit given my specific situation.  She took my outfit and photo locations into account, and I was very pleased with the result.

One major perk to using GlamSquad is that it’s all done through an app.  Your credit card is on file and they build in tax and tip so 1) no money needs to change hands and 2) you don’t have to think about how much gratuity to include.  You don’t get to select your stylist, but they’ve all been vetted – I haven’t heard of anyone who has been disappointed.  And you can’t beat the convenience of them coming to your home!  I was able to  chill in my slippers while she applied my makeup and couldn’t have been more comfortable.



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