My Summer 2016 Checklist

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s time to think SUMMER.  In addition to looking forward to the season in general (it’s my favorite!), I’ve assembled a list of things I want to do.  I managed to check off most items from my last list and hoping for the same with this one.  It should get me out and doing stuff and keep me from just laying out all summer (though that doesn’t sound half bad).

summer checklist

  1. Go to a pool – I’m thinking Hamilton Fish
  2. Go to Brighton Beach
  3. Have a park podcast day.  I’d love to start listening to a podcast while doodling in an adult coloring book and admiring the beauty of Central Park.  It was one of my ideas to stave off boredome – now it’s time to actually do it!
  4. Go to the Magnum pop up store and design an ice cream bar
  5. Make homemade pickles
  6. Take a flower arranging class

FYI: Check out my Spring Checklist here and my Fall Checklist here

One thought on “My Summer 2016 Checklist

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