3 on Thursday

Albert is away this weekend for a stag night so I have the weekend to myself…whatever shall I do?!

3 on thurs1 (2)

Albert and I recently stopped by the Sperry store so Albert could pick up some docksiders.  You can only imagine how excited I was.  I stopped suggesting/picking out clothes for him so he wouldn’t think I was trying to change him.  Of course, I love him just the way he is.  That said, I didn’t hate it when he said he wanted to start wearing the distinctly Southern footwear!  While we were there, i picked up a bathing suit and we were given a free tote bag.  It’s actually a great tote.  It’s large and sturdy, but the best part is the pockets for wine bottles.  I can’t wait to take this puppy for a spin in Central Park.

3 on thurs2 (2)

I finally tackled one of my Summer Checklist items.  An hour and a half flew by as I colored and listened to podcasts.  it was a great way to beat the heat that didn’t involve a television.

3 on thurs3 (2)

My beau and I used to do meats and cheeses on most Tuesdays.  Unfortunately, when he started getting busy with work and my waistline started to complain, we cut back the frequency.  It had been a while, so when I recently had a Friday off work, I revived the tradition on Thursday night.  We put together a nice spread and had a lovely evening filled with wine and a tv show we could enjoy together.  I’d missed this!