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Roasted Carrots with Tahini

I’m not a fan of cooked carrots – too sweet and mushy…but then I saw these gorgeous tri-color guys and couldn’t resist buying them.  I realized if I roasted them myself, I could ensure they would be on the firmer side.  Problem: solved.

carrots and tahini1

All the pretty colors

After shaving the carrots, I drizzled them with olive oil and dusted them with paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne.  Then I roasted them in a 425 oven for about 25 minutes.  When they came out, I covered them with tahini sauce (tahini, water, salt, and lemon if you’ve got it) and served with a side of hummus (optional).

carrots and tahini3

Super healthy side dish alert!  It’s also good for potlucks because it tastes good at room temp and can be easily transported with the tahini in a separate container for dipping.

carrots and tahini2

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