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Cuban Skewers

So there I was again, ready to go to book club but without anything to bring.  The clock was ticking.  I had 30 minutes to buy ingredients at Grand Central, walk seven blocks home, prepare the food, and walk the five blocks to book club.  This could be an episode of a Food Network show.

Thankfully, inspiration struck while I was on the subway, and I decided to make Cuban skewers.  I had saved a similar recipe on Pinterest, but because I had Murray’s Cheese at my disposal, I gave it a European flair.  In just three ingredients, you have the essential insides of a Cuban sandwich: Swiss cheese, ham, and pickles.

cuban skewers1

First onto the skewer is an adorable little cournichon.  Traditionally, Cubans use dill pickles, but I love the flavor of these French guys.  Plus, they’re tiny so it’s easy to skewer a whole one – no cutting necessary and it looks lovely.  Next I added prosciutto cotto, which is the Italian version of cooked ham, but with better seasoning.  For the cheese, I used appenzeller because it’s a delicious Swiss varietal and happened to be on crazy half-off sale.  It’s a little sweeter and herby-er than regular Swiss.

cuban skewers2

It was the perfect little bite!  You could also serve with some mustard for dipping.  Cuban sandwiches call for regular yellow mustard, but, again, I recommend the Euro twist of using whole grain or dijon mustard.  It took 5 minutes to assemble the whole platter (yes, I timed it) so I made it to book club on time where everyone enjoyed my snackies.cuban skewers4

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