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Steak and Squash Tacos

We are all very used to seeing steak tacos served with sauteed peppers and onions.  It’s a good combo, one I can’t fault, but I’m going to suggest a small change.  How about swapping the bell peppers and white/yellow onion for squash and red onion?  You still get the same texture, but with a different flavor.  These veggies aren’t as sweet, but you can handle it, you manly men.

First, prep a flank steak with herbs and seasoning.  Chimichurri flavors like parsley, garlic, and cilantro are perfect.  Another option is cayenne, chile powder, etc.  The flavor choice I went with was a smoke seasoning from Trader Joes.  There’s not a bad option in the bunch.

steak and squash tacos1

Grill or broil your steak and while that’s going, get to work on your veggies.  Slice the red onion thin so it’s not too strong and saute it first in olive oil.  I’m not usually a fan of red onion, but when it cooks down like this, it loses that bitterness.  Problem: solved.  Once it looks tender, add strips of squash.  I seasoned my veggies with garlic, chile powder, and paprika.  I recommend if you’ve got the spices lying around; if not, it won’t break the dish.  The whole meal (steak + veggies) should be done in 5 minutes.

Slice your steak and serve in tortillas along with the zucchini and onions.  Or how’s this for blowing your mind: I served mine in lettuce cups.  I found leaf lettuce worked nicely.  I made sure to have both on hand since I knew my beau would prefer the tortillas.  Top with shredded cheese and Greek yogurt mixed with hot sauce.  Sour cream works as well, but I prefer this healthier version.  Albert actually told me how much he liked the “sour cream” before he knew about the switcheroo.  I was particularly giddy upon realizing my trickery worked mwahaha.

Between the lettuce wraps, Greek yogurt, and the fact that only a little cheese is needed to make an impact, this meal is actually pretty healthy.  Taco Tuesday lives on!

steak and squash tacos4steak and squash tacos2

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