3 on Thursday

Today’s post includes a bonus image and is all about one event, the Garth Brooks concert, which was the highlight of my weekend.  There were so many distinct moments of joy that I couldn’t sum up the whole experience in one pic.

3 on thurs1

The concert took place at Yankee Stadium, and no trip to Yankee Stadium is complete without a stop at Stan’s for a pregame.   It’s a dive right across from the field where they play good music and serve you with a smile and no pretenses.  We had a great crew – Danielle joined, as did Beth (not pictured), Albert’s best friend, Smerg, and Smerg’s wife, Steph (not pictured).  Standing around Stan’s is one of the best parts of the experience because you’re with good friends and building excitement about the main event.

3 on thurs2

There was a massive rain delay.  We’re talking 3.5 hours.  Garth didn’t even come on til midnight.  We were soaked (not my best look) but still amped.  It was only after getting poured on for an hour that Danielle remembered she had an umbrella.  Oops.  The rain actually made the whole thing that much more memorable.

3 on thurs3

As excited as I was about Garth, I was SUPER excited to see Tricia.  She’s a Georgia girl, has a ridiculous voice, and can cook with the best of em.  I love her, and her songs have been on repeat in my iPod mix since I was a teen.  I melted when I saw them together.  They’ve been married for years and clearly so in love.  At one point, Tricia moved her mike and said “I love you.”  Later, Garth did the same, and you could see him say “You look gorgeous tonight, by the way.”

3 on thurs4

The concert itself was great.  It was Garth’s first time in New York in about 20 years so he was going to make it a good one.  High energy all the way.  Then there was the fact that he felt bad for making us wait so long so he threw out the rule book, played only the hits, and took a request or two.  And then there was that part about us miraculously winning a ticket lottery and getting front row seats.  We could have touched him.  It was insane.

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