Liz raved about the seasonal goodness of Table, the restaurant where she had made a reservation during out visit.  The menu is farm to table, and it felt like the table we were seated at upstairs was in the middle of someone’s living room.  I was immediately comfortable.  Bring on the food.


The menus were adorable and filled with all sorts of knowledge.  Since I love learning all sorts of random factoids (especially when those factoids are food related), I loved these composition notebook menus.


We started by ordering some meats and cheeses for the table because you can’t go wrong.  They had a nice selection, and it started the meal of right.  While Albert decided to get his own, Liz, Alyssa, and I kept the communal vibe going by ordering one entree and three smaller courses to share.  I didn’t try Albert’s veal, but if it was as good as all the food we ordered, I’m sure it was fabulous.  He ate every morsel, so he would agree, I’m sure.


The entree we split was sea bass with beans and some sort of puree.  I’m honestly not sure what all was on the plate, but I enjoyed it, especially because the fish was nice and steaky.


The smaller plates, however, were what got us moaning.  I think Alyssa asked the waitress four times to send our compliments to the chef for the crab toast.  It was incredible.  There was tons of crab, some aioli, and pea puree, all on top of perfect bread that wasn’t too chewy.  I’ve had the crab toast at ABC Kitchen, and I think this may be better.


Next, we had the asparagus carbonara – some creamy and delicious pasta.  It was very heavy on the asparagus flavor so if you’re into asparagus, you’re in heaven.  If you’re not…steer clear, though I would say you should be into asparagus.  It’s a solid vegetable.  Finally, we had the halibut tartar.   Like the crab toast, this pasta was in the first courses section of the menu.  As far as first courses go, they were large, so I applaud anyone who eats one of them and then also eats an entree.  Bravo.


Finally, we tried the halibut tartar, which was served with tomatoes and dehydrated herbs and granita.  It was so nice and fresh.  The herbs and granita gave the teeniest *ping* of a crunch.


Everything was fabulous.  The setting was also genial.  Though there was no communal table, everyone was looking from table to table, nodding at each other.  The wait staff also seemed to want to chat.  The chill atmosphere made the food taste even better.