Reading List: Football Sundays

Whether it’s a trip or a staycation, sometimes you want to hole up with a stack of books.  Here, I’ll provide themed lists so you can stock up and get to reading!

Fall means FOOTBALL.  I am a die-hard college football fan (go Dawgs!), so that consumes my Saturdays.  I’m not really invested in pro football, so while my fiancé is glued to the tv, I have some time to myself to read.  There’s also something about the crisp Fall weather that makes me want to tuck into a book; bonus points if there’s something delicious simmering in the slow cooker in the background.

reading list - football sundays2

For the person who likes to people watch from a park bench:

“China Rich Girlfriend” – The sequel to Kevin Kwan’s first novel, “Crazy Rich Asians”, is just as juicy as its predecessor.  In this one, Rachel and Nick have turned their back on Nick’s family after they openly disapprove of her “common” background.  As they intend to get married on their own, Nick’s insanely wealthy network in Singapore works to tear them apart.  But as Rachel continues to search for her birth father, it appears they may not be able to disassociate themselves from Nick’s family after all.

For the girl who worships Katniss Everdeen:

“Red Queen”/”Glass Sword” – While others are watching the action on the football field, you can get into the action of these novels that pit two teams against each other.  Instead of a dystopian future à la The Hunger Games or Divergent, Red Queen falls more into the fantasy genre while still following the familiar YA formula.  In this world, there are two classes: those born of silver blood and those born of red.  The Silvers possess special abilities (telekinesis, power to control nature, super strength) and rule the mere mortal Reds.  The Reds live in poverty and in fear of almost certain death when they are conscripted to fight in their country’s decades-long war.  Mare Barrow is one such Red…until a twist of fate secures her a job at the Silver palace.  There, an accident reveals that she’s special, just like the Silvers…only her blood runs red.  The royal family decides to keep Mare close and hide her true identity so she can’t threaten the balance of power.  But a rebellion is brewing that might make balance impossible.

For the girl who’s not quite ready to interact with people:

“Finding Audrey” – Not being a huge pro football fan in NYC sometimes makes me feel antisocial.  While it’s not to the degree of this title character, it’s nice to connect with someone who has shied away from the social scene.  In this YA novel, Audrey has recently suffered sort of a breakdown.  We don’t know exactly what caused it, but bullies seem to be involved.  She’s taken to wearing dark glasses at all times to avoid eye contact and finds the prospect of going to Starbucks panic-worthy.  But when she meets her brother’s friend Linus, she begins taking the baby steps toward recovery.  It’s beautiful watching Audrey learn how to be herself again.