Book Review: Rich People Problems

Kevin Kwan is back with his third novel about the most obscenely wealthy family you can imagine.  At the center of the plot is Su Yi, the matriarch of the Young/Shang/Tsien clan and arguably the most secretly influential woman in Asia.  At 92 she has fallen ill and the family realizes not only that they will soon lose her, but that someone within their family will inherit her ridiculously massive home, Tyersall Park.

Nick was long the favorite grandson and in line to inherit everything, but as we learned in the last book, Nick ostracized himself when he married girlfriend Rachel against his grandmother’s wishes.  Now that Nick is ostensibly out of the picture, every single family member has descended upon the estate to claim their fortune.

If you enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians and its sequel, China Rich Girlfriend, you’ll enjoy the final piece of this trilogy, Rich People Problems.  This time, however, you follow some of the tertiary characters more than Nick and Rachel or their immediate family members we were acquainted with in the first two novels.  It has all the fanfare you’ve lapped up in the first two novels, but this one gives followers some finality and closure.

3.5 out of 5 stars (I don’t know that I can give it more because it’s not necessarily “substance” reading, nor is it “new” since it’s a very similar feel to the first two, but wouldn’t think of giving it less because it’s just such fun to read.)

rich people problems2