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Stylin: Fall Brunch at The Marshal

I’m kinda into this trend of dressy chill clothes.  With the right accessories, super casual pieces, like tshirts and sweatshirts become acceptable in nicer settings.  Sure it’s nice when this allows you to wear a graphic tee to a bar, but it’s REALLY nice when it means you can wear a sweatshirt to brunch, like I recently did at The Marshal.

The colder the weather gets, the more I want to just live in a blanket.  Thanks to the recent popularity of embellished sweatshirts, that’s sort of possible.  It’s not like The Marshal is fancy, but it’s also not the neighborhood diner so I needed to remain comfortable while stepping it up just a teeny bit.

This sweatshirt (Lord & Taylor, old, ~$25) is just as cozy as any sweatshirt (meaning, super cozy), but the lace on the front means I can totally wear it out to a brunch with friends.  I paired it with ripped jeans by Blank (old, ~$85) and a long necklace from Loft (old, ~$20).  I carried a forest green bag from Kate Spade.  But what really made this sweatshirt outfit fun and brunch appropriate were the heels.  I wore suede pointy toed heels in a boysenberry color with a wide ankle strap from Zara (old, ~$45).  I also wore a lipstick in a similar color.  I’m loving these deep berry hues this season!

stylin - the marshal5

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