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Sweet Afton

On Sunday, my beau and I went to help Matt and Karina with their move.  Manual labor works up an appetite, so after unpacking some boxes and installing AC units, we headed to Sweet Afton for some brunch.

After doing some research, I learned Sweet Afton is owned by the same folks as Wilfie and Nell, a West Village standby.  Same cool, dark wood and industrial pipe vibe but with even better food.  Currently, there are some Halloween decorations up, but they totally jive with the moody look of the restaurant.

sweet afton5sweet afton8sweet afton6

First, there are some great snacks.  If you’re into pickled things, get the pickled veggies to start.  There’s half an egg, some carrots, brussel sprouts, and regular pickles.  They’re sour but not too intense in flavor.

sweet afton1

For entrees, Albert got the fritatta with ham and gruyere.  Sounds simple enough, but he was talking about it for the next few hours, so they clearly did something right there.  Karina ordered avocado toast, which looked as lovely as avo toast should look.  I like that the poached egg was served on the side so you could kind of dip the toast in it.   I love a good dunk.  Matt ordered the brussels sprout salad that had nice roasty sprouts – almost more like a hearty side dish worthy of dinner than a light brunch item.  Not froufy at all.  I ordered the mac and cheese because I hadn’t had mac and cheese all weekend.  It was time.  The mac itself was great, but I don’t think it needed the fried egg.  It wasn’t bad, just unnecessary.

sweet afton7

That aioli – why have I not put that on top of a fritatta before?

Restaurants like this make me fall in love with Astoria a little bit.  My only regret is that I didn’t order a drink because the cocktail menu looked great.

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